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COVID-19 Tracker Update - Feb 4 - (.pdf)

Source:BSG Analytics LLC - http://www.bsg.com/services/health-care-analytics/

COVID-19 Tracker: Wisconsin Positives by Region - Feb 3 - (.pdf)

Source:BSG Analytics LLC - http://www.bsg.com/services/health-care-analytics/

ACA Exchange to Re-Open Feb. 15 - (web)

Source:Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance - http://oci.wi.gov/oci_home.htm

HealthCare.gov will re-open for people to enroll in ACA exchange health plans from Feb. 15 through May 15 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Wisconsin residents who missed either the original enrollment deadline or their first payment for their enrolled plan, will have another opportunity to sign up. People who have already enrolled will be able to review their plan to make sure it still meets their coverage needs.

Covid-19 Tracker Update - Jan. 29 - (.pdf)

Source:BSG Analytics LLC - http://www.bsg.com/services/health-care-analytics/

ProHealth Care to Resume Construction on Mukwonago Hospital - (web)


ProHealth Care will resume construction of its new hospital in Mukwonago, which it expects to open late this year or early next year. Construction was paused last spring due to the pandemic. The project will transform ProHealth’s medical campus at 240 Maple Ave. into a full community hospital with 24 inpatient beds. Remaining work includes completion of the inpatient rooms, surgical areas, kitchen and dining area, and equipment installation. Medical services on the campus have remained open throughout the pandemic. The hospital, which is expected to add about 100 new jobs in the community, will be the fourth in the ProHealth Care system.

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