Frequently Asked Questions

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What is HCTrends?

HCTrends is a market-oriented forum dedicated to exploring health care solutions. It tracks trends in health care delivery, insurance, public policy and population health. In addition to its website, www.hctrends.com, it publishes white papers, market studies and health care surveys.

How did it begin?

HCTrends was launched in 2006. It initially focused on the Milwaukee metropolitan and southeastern Wisconsin markets, but subsequently expanded to include the entire state of Wisconsin and other Midwestern states, including Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa and Michigan. In addition, it occasionally conducts national studies, as well as projects focused on specific regions or states.

How is HCTrends funded?

HCTrends is sponsored by BSG Analytics™ LLC, which is affiliated with BSG® (The Benefit Services Group, Inc.), a Pewaukee-based insurance and benefits consulting firm; and Hausmann-Johnson Insurance, a Madison-based insurance and benefits consulting firm.

How can I participate?

HCTrends welcomes comments, study ideas, white papers and other information that support its mission to explore market-oriented solutions to health care challenges. If you have suggestions or would like additional information, please email us at: info@hctrends.com